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Music for Adventuring.

  1. The Fae Forest 2:33
  1. Running the Gauntlet 1:01
  1. Gettysburg — virtual instrument mockup 5:22

Project: Gorgon

Fantasy MMO / Elder Game
Coming December 2016


Concert Work for Orchestra
Coming Fall 2016

Tiny Tails

Adventure, City-Building RPG / InMotion Software

Take your soundtrack to the next level.

Find Your Voice

Themes and soundscapes they’ll remember long after the credits roll.


Custom Scoring

Original music that evolves with your characters, environments, and story.

With a Virtual Orchestra...

Cutting-edge computer instruments deliver good quality on a budget.

...or the Real Deal.

The unparalleled expressiveness of a live orchestra, from L.A. to Prague.

Let's Make Music Together.

Not quite sure of your project’s music direction? No problem!
I’ll help you develop a strong music plan to suit your budget.

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