The Music of Project: Gorgon

A sneak peak at the orchestral-fantasy soundtrack now in production for Project: Gorgon, the exploration-heavy MMORPG by Asheron’s Call veterans Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers.

  1. Gettysburg (virtual mockup) Conor Brace 5:22


An American Symphonic Poem

Finalist for the American Prize!

2018-2019 ~ Pops & Light Music division

  1. Tiny Tails - Town Music Conor Brace 2:38
  1. Epic Birds Conor Brace 0:33

Project: Gorgon – Jam Session Teaser

For the indie MMO Project: Gorgon, I created a set of 36 instrumental riffs (six unique instruments with six parts each) designed to be layered on top of each other, producing a lively "tavern music" tune with potentially endless...

DiscoTech Original Soundtrack - Music by Conor Brace
  1. Festival of Harps Conor Brace 2:46
  1. The Fae Forest Conor Brace — Project: Gorgon 2:33
  2. Sun Vale Conor Brace — Project: Gorgon 2:35
  3. Eltibule Theme Conor Brace — Project: Gorgon 2:35
  4. Cave Crawl Conor Brace — Project: Gorgon 2:13
  5. Running the Gauntlet Conor Brace — Project: Gorgon 1:01
  1. Love Notes Theme Conor Brace 1:39
  1. Sunday Afternoon Conor Brace — with Monique Jackson, vocals 1:51

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