The Music of Project: Gorgon

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Main Title Theme, played during login & character creation.

  1. Overture 2:34

World / Zone Music

Each area of the game world has its own featured music track (usually two), playing at intervals to help establish the landscape’s character and mood.

Scroll down in the playlist to hear all fourteen open-world music tracks.

(Up-to-date as of September 2017 — more music coming soon!)

  1. Anagoge: The Magical Island (a.k.a. Newbie Island) 2:24
  2. Serbule: Dawn in the Quiet Countryside 2:00
  3. Serbule: Dusk in the Quiet Countryside (alternate) 1:19
  4. Eltibule: The Faded Duchy 2:35
  5. Eltibule: The Faded Duchy (alternate) 1:25
  6. Sun Vale: The Druids' Retreat 2:35
  7. The Fae Forest 2:33
  8. The Fae Forest (alternate) 1:08
  9. Kur Mountains: Cold & Strength 2:20
  10. Kur Mountains: Cold & Strength (alternate) 1:43
  11. The Deep Desert 2:53
  12. The Deep Desert (alternate) 0:59
  13. Rahu: Port City of the Rakshasa 1:51
  14. Rahu: Port City of the Rakshasa (alternate) 1:06

Dungeons & Boss Battles

Darkness, mystery and danger in the deep places of the world.

This is the music of Gorgon’s creepy catacombs, forgotten tunnels, and worse-than-deadly boss fights. Careful down here, or you might end up permanently cursed!

  1. Serbule Crypt: Skeletons & Spiders 1:31
  2. Dungeon Crawling: Here Be Goblins! 1:56
  3. Cave Crawl: Delving for Forgotten Secrets 2:13
  4. Sub Boss: Fast-Paced Action 0:47
  5. Prelude to Awakening Evil 0:20
  6. Epic Boss: Heavy War March 0:54

Pause any active music track above, before using the SoundCloud and YouTube players below!

The Bard

Jamming with the Combat Music

Quick demo of a Bard using “Song of Resurgence,” a channeled healing ability, during a boss battle.

From the Project: Gorgon dev blog:

“The bard’s music has required some extra technical care. If you ever played classic EverQuest, you may remember their bards as being silent — they strum their lutes but no sound comes out. Since EverQuest had combat music playing in the background all the time, a bard’s music would just be cacophonous.

But in Project: Gorgon, we only use combat music sparingly, mainly for bosses. So I asked Conor Brace, our amazing music guy, to make it possible for bardic songs to play alongside the combat music. He cooked up variants of each bard song to accompany the different combat-music tracks.”

Player-Controlled Tavern Music

Players who train in the Bard profession gain access to lutes, flutes, harps, drums and other instruments. When equipped, the player’s action bar is populated with music-related skills, each of which plays a few bars of music for that instrument.

Each of these phrases is carefully composed to work with all the others, and the game syncs these performances, so that multiple Bards wielding any combination of instruments can jam together — creating their own unique tavern music!

The video at right showcases just one of the two “Jam Session” / Tavern Music tracks currently in the game.

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