Conor Brace writes music for video games + jazz and classical concert music.

Inspired by the timeless, theme-driven soundtracks he grew up with, from Star Wars to The Legend of Zelda, Conor believes that music is the emotional heart of a story. Like many of his heroes, Conor is fluent in both jazz and classical idioms, and enjoys working with a broad palette of sounds and styles. He relies on strong melodies and colorful harmonies to forge a bond with the audience, creating the potential for joy, sorrow, humor, inspiration, catharsis — because it’s the music we feel, not just hear, that stands the test of time.

Conor’s childhood was ruled first by ferocious knights, courageous dragons, and sturdy castles; then, by a piano, a trumpet, and a DOS PC equipped with QuickBASIC. At ten years old he was already programming simple computer games and composing custom soundtracks for them.

After completing his Master’s degree in Jazz Composition at the University of Texas (writing his thesis based on the Hero’s Journey), Conor worked in-house for two local game studios, Gendai Games (now GameSalad, Inc.) and D7 Games. He started as a one-man audio department, then branched out into game design and project management. Now, as music composer, orchestrator, producer, and publisher under his own company, Conor Brace Music, Conor puts that first-hand experience to good use for his clients in the video game industry.

Conor Brace lives with his wife Whitney just outside Austin, Texas. When not composing music or wandering through the woods (or both), he may be found performing with the Williamson County Symphony Orchestra.

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Photo credit: Henry Yip