For the past few months I’ve been thrilled to work on Project: Gorgon, an ambitious indie MMO from Eric “Citan” Heimburg and Sandra “srand” Powers. Eric and Sandra are now running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for more art, audio, and other expenses during the final year of development.

Project: Gorgon is a 3D, cross-platform, fantasy MMORPG with a “quirky, old-school feel.” It’s a pure PvE game with shared dungeons, a highly interactive world, and tons of charmingly bizarre skills. For example, early on you may have the misfortune opportunity to be transformed into a cow. You could find a way to undo the curse… or you could just roll with it. As you earn Cow XP, you’ll not only improve your combat kicks and moos, you’ll gain the ability to produce high-quality milk for “normal” players to use.

There are also words of power, daily combos, programmable battle golems, player-created treasure hunts, player werewolves subject to the real-life lunar cycle, and pants that leave enemies emotionally crippled. 🙂

Please take a look and consider backing Project: Gorgon!