The first episode of Rooster Teeth’s new mini-series is up!
Rooster Teeth: A Simple Walk Into Mordor

The series documents Chris and Kerry’s 120-mile trek through New Zealand, traveling on foot from the set of Hobbiton (near Matamata) to the set of Mount Doom (volcanic Mount Ngauruhoe) to destroy a replica of The One Ring.

I worked with Chris on this project to produce several music tracks reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. As a huge LOTR fan myself, I was already familiar with Howard Shore’s wonderful score, but I’d never actually sat down to study it. I found a few hidden gems — for example, the eerie violin theme associated with the One Ring isn’t just in a minor key, it’s in two different minor keys at once, using bitonality to reflect the Ring’s mind-splitting effects on its bearer (think Smeagol vs. Gollum).

In fact I enjoyed studying the Lord of the Rings music so much I’m gonna keep right on doin’ it. My “Weekend Tracks” project is on hold just now on account of real gigs, but when it returns you can expect a (less obviously) Lord of the Rings-inspired track or two.